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There is a lot of fuss about wireless technologies and you easily get the feeling that all things connect. And they do! To demonstrate this, we are connecting a cellphone, a handheld computer, a Lego Mindstorms robot and a laptop. The possibilities are endless!

In order to move the robot, you connect your cellphone to the handheld that is attached to the robot. This device translates the commands beeing sent by the user - you - to a format which the Lego computer understands and passes it on to it. Without you even noticing it!

But we don’t stop there. The robot is armed with a wireless camera, streaming video to a nearby PC. We may then stream it further to a handheld PDA, put it on the Internet and, if we want to, we could even send an image to your cellphone of what the robot is looking at!

All things really do connect.

The images and videos
In our media archive you will find videos, images and presentations of Mobile Robotics. A must see!

The presentation
Brief and beautiful, check it out!

The articles
In our article section, you will find in-depth articles about the programming and design. If you are interested in programming or technic construction this is a must read.

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In our download archive, you will find documentation, source code and binaries. You can download our code if you are a programmer or download the binaries if you want to try the software!

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