Unfortunately, the quality of many clips are poor. This is because they were taken by a digital camera. These clips are in low-res Flash by default but can also be downloaded as AVIs. The presentation and the exhibition clip are both a must-sees!

Brief and beautiful, a must see!


This is the final video taken during the project exhibition. A must see!

Alessa operates
This clip is a fairly long one (1 min 40 sec) showing Alessa moving a longer period of time.

Movie clips during the development:

Alessa on the move
Shows Alessa driving around the floor controlled by the cell phone which also is visible. Also shows a early version of the streaming camera.

Alessa rises 2
Second shot of Alessa rising. This timed filmed straight-on, making the LEDs visible.

Alessa rises
Our first shot of Alessa rising and then shutting down, using its pneumatic system. Filmed from the side.

The Lego tank
During a very early stage we experimented with doing a "tank", a tracked vehicle, a caterpillar, but wheels turned out to be better. It was fun though.

Compressors doing it's job
You've got to pump it up!

Building Lego, early
This clip shows us building during the early development. Also shows a very early version of the robot (which were later on smashed into pieces) Logo  
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